Jun 2018

Xining 西宁

The temperature was getting warmer because the elevation was getting lower. It was actually a good news for me, no need to suffer on the freezing weather earlier. I am heading northwest and on my way to Xining. Quite excited to meet the new city later on!! Passing by the dirt road, which having a road construction ahead. Saw a truck got stuck on the hole, making the traffic jam

For thousands of years the Mekong River has been an important conduit for people and goods between the many towns on its banks. Mekong River also known as Lanchang river (澜沧江) in China. Mekong River was the longest river in South East Asia, the 12th longest in the world and the 10th largest in terms of volume. With total length of 4880 km, half of the length of Mekong River

Triathlon is not an easy task and it need continuously training for this. We have plan for a long time to join triathlon. Looking back at 2016, we are started to join 113 triathlon at Bukit Merah. Although three of us were came from difference background and age, but one thing that all of us in common: We were Malaysian! Then three of us joined 70.3 half ironman distance, which organize

  A lovely morning with good weather. Hong Yan was very excited about the race as it was the first race for her. It took Hong Yan only a month from 4 wheel transition to two wheels. At the age of 7, she could join 1 loop criterium and small loop push bike. Although she did not get any prize in the end, but she really enjoys the race and take it

Hong Yan, My 7 years old daughter is going to take part on CIMB Junior Cycling on tomorrow. It was her first cycling race, we both were exited when we enrolled for this run. But just moment ago when she test her bike in front of the house, she encounter minor accident… she collide with a car that moving towards her. Luckily both speed was slow at that moment and