What a tough and dusty day, the road was full of trucks passing by today….the whole road was dusty and it was hard to breathe… Every truck and approaching me behind will give me a honk, another honk when driving beside me while ane more honk after passing me. As you can imagine the loud sound of the honk of the truck, I have to experience dozens of times during

  Started my journey early in the morning from Zhangye.  Zhangye is a prefecture-level city in central Gansu Province in China. It borders Inner Mongolia on the north and Qinghai on the south. This area was mostly desert, therefore I have to fill up my stomach to full capacity and ready to hit a high mileage today. The plan for today is to pedal around 200km using G312 road.  

PENANG ASIA PACIFIC MASTERS GAMES 2018 is the FIRST  master multi sport event in that held in Penang. The event will start on 7 September and end on 15 September. There were estimated of 10,000 participants from the Asia Pacific to participate in this 9 days of excitement. This event has featuring of total of 21 sports and definitely is a good opportunity for the people who love in sport

  Spend a night in Qilian, most of the food was halal here as majority of the population here were Muslim. Forget about what happened at the frozen mountain up there, I quickly order some food because I am starving. Freshly handmade noodle from the China chef in the kitchen, I’ve also order some vegetables with meat to fill up my stomach. The taste was almost similar with the “Lanzhou

Someone please help me, I think I’ve been kidnapped by someone along the road!!!! After loitering on altitude of 4100 meters, a small van stop beside me and I got pushed inside the van. Maybe is the high altitude and extreme weather, I could not do anything, my mind is blank for a while…maybe is AMS symptom. The drive has put my bicycle on the rear van and I have