Yesterday I came across an article about a man who wasn’t exactly a cyclist, per se. But better yet, he was a man who cycled for a selfless cause. Bai Fang Li devoted his entire life to a trishaw, his means to earning a buck not for himself but children who needed an education. In 20 years, he managed to donate 30 million Yuan (Rm20.7 million) to the benefit of underprivileged students in China. All because he wanted them to be able to do more than the kind of work that people like him was subjected to.

It was the winter of 2001 that the humble Bai Fang Li,  in his full head of white hair told his daughter, “I don’t have the strength to pedal any longer. I can’t donate anymore.” A decision that was blameless and really, invokes my empathy as someone who knows the difficulty of pedalling all day long. 4 years later, the 92 year old passed on, leaving behind a legacy. To imagine those students who grow up to be politicians, doctors, businessmen, successful people knowing that it was a stranger they owe it to. It’s no wonder hundreds turned up at his funeral.

An inspiration.