I’ve been asked quite frequently where I preferred to take my bike to on cycling excursions and one route on top of my list is Genting Sempah.

Cyclists took to this route more than 30 years ago as it was one of the main roads before Karak Highway was built and snagged that title. Besides being one of the places that cyclists haunt, this road is also an alternative that leads you to Bukit Tinggi, Janda Baik and Bentong.

From the starting point, it’s a nicely shaded way uphill for about 16.5km from the Gombak Hospital to the Genting Sempah peak. I wouldn’t exactly call it an easy route but those who has scaled it will definitely come back for the mileage. Some cyclists who want that extra mile who head on to Bukit Tinggi, Janda Baik, Bentong and even Fraser’s Hill a little further up.

About 2-3 week back, a landslide happened in this vicinity and the road has since been closed to motor vehicles, heavy duty ones in particular like trailers and lorries. Those are a common sight around here as they take this road to skip toll charges and cause a nuisance doing it – speeding at the winding roads and making potholes. Now that the landslide hit, only bicycles and motorcycles are still allowed the access, which is likely a good thing. Usually by the time I finish the ride, I walk up to theĀ warung (food stall) near the top where they serve all the sustenance you need after a good workout. Roti canai, teh tarik and all.

What’s your favourite cycling route?