Just a few hours ago today, this junior cycling competition took a hit on social media for handing out mock cheques worth a mere RM10-RM30. Yes, it’s quite an irony if you think about how much it would have costed them to print the mock cheques. The kids were as young as 10 years old and looking like they easily beat me in a race. I thought to myself, these kids trained and they trained hard. But did they train for days and get on that bike for money? Probably not.

I believe in cultivating a love for cycling. I wouldn’t give Hong Yan (my daughter) money for cycling but I will certainly teach her to love the sport. The idea of a mock cheque was just to give those kids some glory and a sense of pride knowing that hey, I earned this RM30 with my own two legs!

So even if the organisers could’ve done a better job, let’s not be haters 🙂