May 2016

River Fishing

I do a lot on the weekends and it’s not always cycling! I think this is something people ask me a lot so here’s what I’ve got for you: 4×4 river camping! I recently went with with my friends — the same ones who have been appearing on the blog like here and here. This is what happened somewhere along Pahang river. First, we fished like real men in the

If you read my previous post here, you’ll know I parked my bike and was walking towards a river. Here’s what I found — hot spring food stall! I saw a few locals having their meal there and asked if I could join them. Cycling’s a lonely sport, it’s important to find company when you can! They gladly welcomed me to their table. Though, they weren’t bothered to pose for

After riding uphill for a few days, I was more than relieved to be heading downhill. The road was steep, narrow and quiet. I just kept cycling until a point where I noticed several cars parked by the side of the road. I stopped and peeked down to find a river downstream. Suddenly, this random uncle called out to me, inviting me to head down to the river — where there

Location: Panshuizen, China So as you can see, several days in China kept me happy and healthy. That was until I hit a public restroom. Let me just say that cleanliness-wise, I can’t complain. Malaysia’s own public toilets are just as “clean”. But really, what China needs are some toilet doors and a little privacy.