A few days ago, I started a blogpost to challenge people who are thinking of biking long distance. I put out three questions – things to ask yourself to know for sure that you want to do this. Actually, you can never know for sure, but at least 80%? At least. Here’s the other three questions.


4. Can I stay focused?

Can you? For me the journey between KL and London was 18,000km. Can you imagine the amount of times I felt the urge to go in a different direction, thinking maybe I can spare some time to explore. The truth is I can’t. If every two kilometres, I decided to check out a different route or make a stop, the journey would have taken much longer than six months.

5. Do I like to know what’s going to happen?

If you answered yes to this, that is a concern. You’re not going to know what’s going to happen. You could run into a storm and get delayed for days, you could find yourself lost (even with a GPS), you could end up halfway in a foreign land like Laos  and decide you don’t want to continue the journey or go home. I can say, in life, you never know what’s coming and when you’re cycling long distance, that’s really living.


6. Am I capable of living in the present?

This is easy to say, but pretty hard to do. When you take up a 18,000km journey to cycle from one continent to another, you kind of have no choice but to live in the present. You can’t really look back and think, “I should have went the other way,” or “I never should have come,” Because if you do that, you’re gone. You might as well look for a flight ticket home. Living in the present, for cyclists, is a given. With every pedal, you’re moving a little forward so if you can’t appreciate what you see or feel in that split second of a moment, the journey’s gonna be tougher than you think.

With that said, I’m absolutely for long-distance cycling and I think if you asked yourselves these questions and are still adamant to go, then pack your bags and GO!!