I roughly recall it being early days of KL To London. Walking around the city after lunch, I saw a wedding taking place. It was all smiles, but mostly, people were wondering which entrance to walk in. The bride and groom’s guests are to enter via two different registration tables. More interestingly, there were two couples having a wedding together! ‘Confusion’ does not begin to describe China. I also noticed that guests are given little packs of kuaci (sunflower seeds in return of their red packets.


In an unrelated incident, I found these elderly people playing mahjong, Chinese chess and other old school games. Some on the streets, others within a shophouse. At first I wondered if gambling in broad daylight was at all a taboo. Then I realised it was purely a pastime. Nearly none of them played for money. It’s nice to see that they continue retain these little things in their culture.