I am heading toward Qinghai lake now, the largest lake in China with 4,317 square kilometres. Still using the same road all the way heading west of China.

It’s almost 7pm now, I am on my schedule toward Qinghai and I plan to set a camp over there, it would be COOL! However, a car from the opposite road pass by and stop in front of me. The driver asking me where am I heading to and I told my plan to him.

He were shock at first when he heard what I am going to do and he shaking his head and advice me not to proceed with this plan. He mentioned that the snow were starting to melt now, the weather will be freezing death in front of us. He added that there will be snow strong wind and storm that coming from different direction, the camp is definitely could not stand the strong wind and will be blow away to the sky. There are also no houses around for me to have take a shelter. “You have to turn back to Haibei”, the driver said.

I took his advice and make a turn heading back to Haibei on that night. He was really my savior, I consider him is an Angel, if not I would be blow up to the sky with the tent..HAHAHA

After that, I went into a police station to get some information about the alternative route to the west.


After gather all the information, I decided to divert my route heading to North for several distance then heading to west.

20120410_074653 20120410_074240

I enjoy the scenery very much…the view was stunning. As you can see, Qinghai lake was located behind those mountains, which I suppose to set the camp over there. What I got to know from the local is they recommend that the best time to visit Qinghai lake is from May to October. It was because those period was during summer and the weather was just nice to visit.


In order to make sure that I am still on the track, I will always check my daily mileage, currently my daily mileage was 140 to 170km. I am still on track but I have to make suret that I have to take off my journey as early as possible no matter how cold is the weather to make sure no any delay. I plan to cycle in an average speed of 20-25km/h so that I could hit around 150km per day with 8 to 10 hours including of some stops, rest and refill.

20120410_080044 20120410_081702

Ahhh….so unlucky, I did not notice that a crumb of thick wire on the road and I had ran over it, cyclist will understand how I felt…=.=


Look at the road, it couldn’t see the end, straight like a pencil. There was no car and people passing by, the whole road was so free and without any speed limit sign here. How fast could I paddle in this condition?

Great view and great weather, enjoy it very much!!

20120410_091307 20120410_094647


Sometimes I felt that I am lonely, a middle age man follow his hobby to achieve his adventure. It will be great that someone can follow me to make a documentary video, I am really alone out here. It has been almost 2 months of cycling and I am sure that no one was following me 🙂


I can do whatever I want, there was no one around here, it’s like zombie apocalypse. I could lay on the road, do whatever I want, everything was no restriction here. BUT, bear in mind, there were hardly to find a toilet in this area, so you get what I mean 🙂

Luckily I did not encounter of stomachache during this time, if not it will be my first time to release it in the nature…HAHAHA

Enjoy the fresh air, love the nature.



It’s been 3 hours of cycling from Haibei, finally I saw a road sign, which way should I heading to? Hmmmm

To be continued…