It’s been 2 months since I started my journey. I am currently heading north and I enjoy the sun rise on my right and watching the sunset on my left everyday. Long way to go, hardly seen a person in this area. How cool if I could buy a piece of land and build a house here, looking around if there any sign board “Land for Sale” (Just Kidding, HAHA).


Let’s take a selfie with a Chinaman who wearing a jacket that thicker than mine. HAHA

I have no idea what he doing everyday in this area, there was no entertainment, nothing here….


This is the one of the stop for the people to refill and rest along the way. This place look like zombie apocalypse as you could seen at the movie. Just went inside and grab what I need…there were some snacks, hot water and tea inside the store….BUT…no toilet…I have to pee on the road side….:)

Never mind, hardly to see anyone passing by.


I have no idea what is the current elevation, it’s look flat all the way to the end.


I could see the ice is melting, weather is super cold now.


Hardly find any animals around this area…the skies are blue all the way. I haven’t seen any greenery for weeks.


This road is so straight and could be used for emergency landing for small airplane.. HAHAHA


Feel like heading toward the frozen lake and step onto it…but better don’t, how if the ice crack and I felt into the ice cold water and no one could help me…


The skies is getting dark around 2.30pm…I am starving now and I need to have my lunch ASAP….hitting 140km today…not bad not bad. 


Found a place to stay for tonight…the room was quite decent (just kidding)…it was cold inside and without heater…


I have not shower for at least 2 weeks….because the weather was cold…so never mind LA…HAHA

This 5 stars hotel provided a flask of hot water upon check in. What I can do is to warm up my foot using the hot water provided…How cool if there is a Thai leg massage afterwards…


Since there was no TV in the room, I repair the tube and sleep around 8-9pm…The weather make me feel sleepy…


My steel bike is park outside the “5 stars hotel”, hope she will be fine…

Good Night everyone.