What a tough and dusty day, the road was full of trucks passing by today….the whole road was dusty and it was hard to breathe…

Every truck and approaching me behind will give me a honk, another honk when driving beside me while ane more honk after passing me. As you can imagine the loud sound of the honk of the truck, I have to experience dozens of times during that days, it really causing my ear to death!! But the good thing is they will give me a notice that those trucks were behind me and slow down the speed with 2 meters of gap beside me.


Met a Chinese biker who also travelling from a long distance. Having some chit chat and greeting from him to a solo cyclist from Malaysia. He wishes me all the best for my journey 🙂


Those men were squeezing their brains on the Chinese chess, wish that I could know how to play it so that I could understand what they are playing…Anyway, just stop by and I have to continue my journey…good luck fellas.



WOW, I wonder where did they get this stones from, looks like stones for Feng Shui or the decorations for the garden, Hmmm, I prefer minimalism..


I found “Tongkat Ali” in China!!! No idea how much they selling at.


Finally, I reach Jiayuguan City (嘉峪关市), located northwestern Gansu province, it was quite a small town here compare to the others big city in China.


Now only I knew that The Great Wall of China ends here (Start from Being and end in Jiayuguan), I just coincidence pass by this city…HAHA


Children were playing around while the adults were selling pets on the street. Looks like those dogs were only 2 months old.


It was all about today, I finished my cycling task for today. Sit down and relax, have a box of popcorn, wear on 3D glasses and enjoy the movie. Such a long time did not step into the cinema =.=