Pass by a unique building, look like a mosque with some Chinese element.


I have no idea where is this place, I just keep going on and just make sure that the sunset will be in front of me, I did not see any signboard and map on my hand.


I met a wonderful lady walking alone in my opposite direction, she was walking from West China to the East. She is  https://www.facebook.com/sylvia.berjas . She mentioned that her supply was almost finished and asking me how far from here to the next stop. I told her that it should take about 20km from my last stop. She told me that she was travelling alone by walk and will camp on the dessert most of the night !!! The weather was nasty and sometimes will experience sandstorm, she has to secure the camp by putting some heavy stuff or tide uptight or else the tent will be blown away. I cant lift her luggage using my right hand, guess how heavy of the luggage?? Is around 80kg!!!


With the luggage weight of 80kg, and her age (around 70+), her determination really inspired me a lot and boost my confidence into a full level. She told me that her she was doing charity by walking alone from the West of Great Wall to the end of Eastside, it will take her around 4 months. We exchange our contact and keep in touch until today!! I gave her a full bottle of water and some snack so that I hope that she could last it to the next stop.


The bag was so heavy and she has to lift it on the rock only can lift up to her shoulder. In this case, I help her to lift it up.


Goodbye!! Wish you all the best for your journey, Sylvia!!


The sky turning to dark soon. There were dozens of giant electric windmills in front of me. Although many China cities were covered by dust due to industrialization, I also can see the countries was putting some effort into producing green energy and reduce the pollution to the environment.

Anyway, I have to ride faster or I have to camp here at night.


Finally, I found a place for me to rest for tonight. It was a place for the long journey lorry driver, the room was big and occupied with a dozen of bed. It still much better than sleeping outside and at least you got a place to sleep 🙂