I am now in the mission to find the Malaysia embassy in Almaty. Before that, I had contact with another group of 5 cyclist, who also cycling from Penang to London at the same time. Their route was also entering Kazakhstan but divert to Caspian sea and to Azerbaijan, Amenia then Turkey. My plan is to divert my route to join them instead of my original plan entering Russia, Ukraine then to Europe. I need to do it very fast to avoid any delay or hiccup, that is the reason why I need to find Malaysia embassy to seek for the advice for my visa application. Me and Madi departed to Malaysia embassy in the next morning after a good sleep at Almaty.

Oh my god, I did not expected that the Malaysia embassy was no longer in Almaty. The information that I found in Google was not updated. The embassy has been moved to Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. It was 1200km from Almaty, I will at least took 6 days to reach there if I cycle 200km per day…..

I think I need to sit down to plan my route and also think of plan B.

Madi mentioned that he will go along with me to Astana by train and be my translator for my visa application. He suggest me to put my bicycle and personal belonging in his house in Almaty. After the suggestion by Madi, he bring me for sightseeing in Almaty.

It will took 6 hours from Almaty to Astana by train (orange route). I will need to spend one night in Astana as I need to back to Almaty on the next day. As you can see, my initial pan with visa (purple route) to Ukraine. What I want to do now is to join the group lead by En.Bakar Noordin to enter Turkey.

City of Almaty often translated as “full of apples”. Originally it was Almatau which means Apple Mountain.

Wearing a traditional Kazakh hat “Kalpak”, it was worn by traditional Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan man. Am I look handsome? 😜

Madi is single and he was 4 years younger than me. He told me that his job was travel to the border of China and went to the wholesale market to buy some children clothings. He travel to China once a month as the children clothings was cheap and sold it back in Kazakhstan.

Went to a mini zoo and saw a beautiful peacock open up his feather.

This is my first time seeing a white color peacock, wow 😲

Monument of independence

Went to the Almaty railway station and buy the tickets to Astana. Most of the people around here was friendly, it seem like they enjoy their living around here.

The local beers was really cheap around here, the price was almost same as a snickers candy.

A group of people rehearsal for 1st May (next day)

This is the train ticket to Astana!! Depart on 1st May and will took approximately 6 hours.

This is the train ticket to Astana!! Depart on 1st May and will took approximately 6 hours.

I found a tasty shashlik in town, can’t wait to finished it all!!

I went to Madi house, this is where he stay, a small single storey house. He told me that the house was not belong to him, he rent it because he could not afford one. He also told me that the rental rate was quite high around here, he need to save more in order to have a better life.