1st of May, is Labour day, it took me 2.5 month to reach here from Kuala Lumpur. My plan is to reach London before 27th July, before the opening of the London Olympic 2012. I have another 2.5 months to go. Am I able to make it on time?

As you can see in the photo, I am on my way to Astana for Malaysia embassy with Madi for my plan B to join the Penang group. For more details, you could check with my previous post.😊

The train now was passing Balkhash lake, the lake is one of the largest lakes in Asia and 15th largest in the world. It is located in Central Asia in southeastern Kazakhstan and belongs to an endorheic (closed) basin shared by Kazakhstan and China. Madi told me that the lake will be frozen from November to March.

Nearer view of Balkhash lake. As big as a sea.

Finally, I arrived at Malaysia embassy in Kazakhstan, which already relocated to Astana from Almaty.

I press the bell and greet the officer with Bahasa, they were surprised and quickly invited me come inside, feel like I am coming home. I sit down and explained my plan to “Datuk”. I also telling him my plan B. Unfortunately, I was told that I need to go to the embassy of Azerbaijan and Armenia to apply for the visa. They provided me address of the both embassy and I went there with Madi. My plan didn’t went well, the officer from both embassy told me that I need to provide the recommendation letter from someone who live in Azerbaijan and Armenia in order to obtain both of the visa. The process also will takes one to two weeks.

My plan B is out, I have to keep to my initial plan which is cycling alone all the way to London. By the way, Astana has become the capital city in Kazakhstan as Almaty served as the country’s capital until 1997. Almaty now remains Kazakhstan’s trading and cultural hub.

Madi took me to met his friend in Astana and his friend teach me a Kazakhstan dish, chicken potatoes.

It was very simple to cook, it’s contains onions, tomatoes, potatoes, chickens, spices herbs. Serve with bread and mayonnaise, simple and tasty. 😋

Madi not only act as a translator today, he told me everything about him. His life, his work, his friends, hobby, etc… We were like becoming a good friends who have known each other for many year.

We both were hungry after walking for the whole morning. Madi took me and try to “Pelmeni” in Astana. We ate a lot of it, it was serve with soup or just eat with tomato sauce or mayonnaise. As you can see the attached description, Russian Dumpling.

After visiting Malaysian embassy, we went for sight visit at Astana as there were plenty of time left for us for the next train back to Almaty. I saw the limousine again, Madi told me that the limousine could be rent for wedding or any occasion use. I wonder if we could sit inside the limousine and a driver drove us back to Almaty..😄