Barista truck is a norm back in 2012 or maybe earlier. You can’t really see this now, many of them have chosen to move to shop.

Travelling alone alone is not boring for me. I think many people choose to be like me to travel alone. By travelling alone, I could decide to stop whenever I am tired and choose not to visit the place that seems not interesting to me. I can make the decision by myself without asking anyone. I am the boss now !! haha

I don’t know why I am attracted to these architectural buildings. It’s really interesting for me. Wish that I have some basic knowledge on architecture so that I can know more about it.

The Statue of Graf Vorontsov, Odessa, is a sculptural monument established in 1863 on the Sobor Square in Odessa. The total height of the monument is more than 8 meters

The Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa is the Orthodox Cathedral in Odessa. It was founded in 1794. The cathedral was designated the main church of New Russia in 1808 and was continuously expanded throughout the 19th century. The cathedral has been demolished by soveit in 1936 and rebuilt on 1999.

Look at the size of the door entrance and pillars compared to the human. It was HUGE

Can you spot Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley??

Look at this, the tomatoes is still attached with stems, it is very seldom to see this

I am going to this club tonight, seem interesting 👌

Bought these for my new-born daughter. I think she will be around 10 months when I back to Malaysia

No need to camp outside tonight. Today I am going to sleep here.. haha

Look at them, just woke up for dinner…

It’s 1.30am, ready for the party!! Are you ready ??