Good Morning, it’s 7.15am local time in Italy somewhere in Monfalcone. I noticed that most of the people in Europe did not wake up so early in the morning. I like the lifestyle over here, chill, haha.

There is a grape farm along the way, I think I could pick some and put it into my bag so that I could eat it along the way, HAHA.

I am looking forward for the wine testing 😁🍷

Apart from the grape farm, there is a sweet corn farm as well.

Traffic is moving slowly now and I make sure that I always leave plenty of gaps when passing. I think I will be passing Venice ahead while looking at these signs. The city that built on a group of 118 small island that are separated by canals and linked by over 400 bridges

This will be the canal to Venice, wish that I have more time to spend it here.

I only manage to see Venice from here 🙁

They can travel to Venice from the mainland by boat.

Petrol/Gas station is just useless for me since I am travelling without using a single drop of petrol/ gas from Malaysia until here. 😂

Gelato is a must when you come to Italy, it is a frozen dessert of Italian origin. It typically contains 70% less air and more flavoring than other kinds of frozen desserts. The taste is so fruity and refreshing, Wish that I could have this everyday ❤️

The river is so clean and it is a favorite for campers. Wish that our government could succeed in the River of Life project in KL 🙂

Only the cyclist who travels alone will understand to enjoy the reflection in the mirror.

I like these buildings. It was so solid and huge.

I am now currently passing some building and fortress, the street is getting narrow

I prefer an Italian friend rather than referring to this guide book😁

Another great night for me to stay inside these corn farms. I can cook a bowl of corn soup for tonight, HAHA.