Good morning, look at the beautiful sky and the mountains. What a good day to start my journey. You can see a clear river passing this beautiful small village, Sant’ Antonio di Susa. I am now here in this beautiful town, this town is located around 70km+ west of Turin metropolitan city and it is on the border with France. Besides that, this place is famous for its ski resort during winter. This is the last stop for me before entering France. For me, I prefer to stay in this type of village as I could grow some foods over here and spend some free time on the forest activities. How about you?

It Looks like there are mountains that I need to climb while entering France, I have been cycling for more than 16,000km until I spent 5 months here. I think it was quite a remarkable challenge for me. I have to think on the positive side most of the time and overcome some challenges that I am facing. Overconfidence is dangerous, I still remember when cycling in the extreme weather and conditions in the mountains of China, indeed it was a good experience for me as well. I have to tell myself that safety is priority no matter what happens. Actually I could just ignore the deadline that I have to make on arrival at London before the opening ceremony of the Olympic that I have planned. I can just stop and wait for the unpredictable weather or situation to stop. There is always a plan B/C or D. Anyway, be safe when cycling my fellow mates.

After refueling my stomach at Sant’ Antonio di Susa, I can clearly see there is climbing ahead to Claviere. Tour De France is happening this year, I hope I could witness it as well.

Riding with two wheels is always beneficial, you can stop whenever you like as it is a good exercise as well. Haha.

I stop by to have some rest after an hour of riding. I think I can sit here for another hour to enjoy this beautiful scenery but I choose just to take a small break as I believe that there will be better scenery ahead and I can’t wait for it!

The air temperature is around 15c in the afternoon, how I wish the weather was in Malaysia.

My luggage on the bike weighs around 4kg+. What I have inside is a camping tent, dry foods, a small petrol stove, some clothes, bike spare parts and tools as well as around 2-3L of water to keep me hydrated.

Arrived at Forte of Exiless, this fortified structure was in the place dates from the 7th century. After googling this Ford, I have found out that there was a double infinity sign at the other side of the green, what is the meaning behind this? hmm

Hmm, this is my 7th puncture after 17,000km. I have 6 punctures on the rear tyre but this is my first time puncture on the front tyre. Normally how many tubes will you bring along if you wish to travel this far? Anyone?

Having my lunch at Oulx, one of the small villages in Turin with just thousands of population.

Still having some Italian Lira in my pocket…