I am heading toward Qinghai lake now, the largest lake in China with 4,317 square kilometres. Still using the same road all the way heading west of China. It’s almost 7pm now, I am on my schedule toward Qinghai and I plan to set a camp over there, it would be COOL! However, a car from the opposite road pass by and stop in front of me. The driver asking

Passing by a petrol station, now only I notice that the motorbike is not allow to pump directly to the motorcycle fuel tank.  As you can see on the second photo, the motorcyclist have to park their bike, fill up the petrol to the silver container that located on the floor, and pour it to the motorbike tank. Hmm, looks weird and quite funny for me…haha Cycling along G315 road,

The temperature was getting warmer because the elevation was getting lower. It was actually a good news for me, no need to suffer on the freezing weather earlier. I am heading northwest and on my way to Xining. Quite excited to meet the new city later on!! Passing by the dirt road, which having a road construction ahead. Saw a truck got stuck on the hole, making the traffic jam

After a long ride, finally I manage to reach Lanzhou in the afternoon. The weather was nice here, not so cold compare earlier. With the population of around 3.5 million, Lanzhou was the capital and largest city in Northwest China. The city acted as a transportation hub in connecting further west rail. The elevation now was around 1700m, it was almost the height on Genting Highland!! Majority of the population

I was awake in the morning with some weird sound. A normal day and as cold as usual, but when I step outside the door, it was SNOW!!! I feel excited at first when I experience snowing, but after a while I was started thinking that it could be hard to cycle when snowing. How am I going to start my ride today? Should I stay one more night instead?