Songpan (in Chinese: 松潘), an ancient town that located about 320 km from Chengdu, northwest of Sichuan Province. Never thought that I have been travel so far from Chengdu. The whole area was 8,608 square kilometer but only with approximately 68,000 of population. The economy of Songpan was mainly by agriculture as I could saw along the road during my journey. The altitude of Songpan was around 3000m, almost twice

Dated from the beginning until now, I have taken 1 month and 30 days to reach here. Actually, is quite fast for me. A long journey to go, I have to make sure that there were some snacks such as nuts, chocolates and dried food in my backpack. I have passed by some local street stalls that selling berries. Those berries look nice and fresh, I have bought some to

Warm and cozy morning, temperature is just nice for me. I am cycling on G213 road, heading west of Chengdu. G213 road is a highway that link from North to South part of China, total length is 2827 km. I have pass by Minjiang river, took a photo with heartbreaking scenery. As you can seen on the both photo, the river was so calm and without any wind. It’s just

Day 45th I have been travelling around 3,500 km, the weather here was just nice, around 11-19c.

I roughly recall it being early days of KL To London. Walking around the city after lunch, I saw a wedding taking place. It was all smiles, but mostly, people were wondering which entrance to walk in. The bride and groom’s guests are to enter via two different registration tables. More interestingly, there were two couples having a wedding together! ‘Confusion’ does not begin to describe China. I also noticed