Many youngsters might not be familiar with Datuk Ng Joo Ngan, but he is one of the most successful cyclist in Malaysia history. Although he was in old age now, but still energetic and in good health. Currently owning a bicycle shop in Ampang, he still keeping many of the photos in his office. Those black and white photo was keeping well and filing in the cabinet. It has record down

This is a difficult story to tell, simply because I wish I didn’t have to tell it. Most of you know how excited I was to join the team for Annapurna circuit’s high-altitude cycling. It did happen a few months back — you can read more about it on Sinar Harian.   14th May 2017 The day before Thorong La Pass It was a Sunday. To be completely honest, we

The Annapurna circuit is a famous hiking route. The view’s beautiful and the high-altitude experience is like no other. I recently returned from a 20-day hike there. I had it planned since December last year, and it felt like such a coincidence when I discovered the Kayuhan Altitud Tinggi Circuit Annapurna program by Majlis Rekreasi Malaysia early this year. Long story short, I was finally selected (read how it happened here).

The Taiwan KOM ‘King of Mountain’ challenge first started in 2012 and is dubbed the world’s top 10 toughest cycling courses. I was super excited about this, like I wrote in this post months ago. The day finally came for me to pack my bags for Taiwan and I was stoked! Read my post on travelling light if you want to know how I pack for necessities. Arriving in Taipei,