On 16 March, Our Prime Minister has made a televised speech and officially promulgated the restricted activities also known as MCO (Movement control Order) after the spread of CoronaVirus Epidemic. After the announcement of MCO, everywhere was quiet and standstill, it looked like a zombie apocalypse, haha. What I could do is read the news via my smartphone everyday and see what was happening around the world. Luckily we were

Two weeks ago, I met up with an old friend for lunch. It’s been a while since we last saw one another. I think it was about 5 years ago… and I remember him telling me at the time that I was very fit. He said he wanted to be like me — that he would start exercising the next day. 5 years later, he is the same. Only older

Two weeks ago, I gave you some of my best tips on traveling light but that was just the first part. Here’s the second: Learn And Adapt The best lesson on packing comes when you actually embark on your journey. The woes of not having enough shirts for change, versus the unsettling feeling that you lugged around a lot more than you actually needed. When you’re on the trip, these thoughts

Before you get all excited for your trip and begin stuffing clothes into a bag, know that packing begins with planning! Many people skip this step and that’s where it goes wrong — you pack too much and end up lugging baggage around throughout the trip, or you pack too little and end up looking for a laundromat. For me, packing for a 6-month journey was near impossible but I

 And that’s all the reason you need. In a choice of bicycle versus car (or any other vehicle), I’m gonna choose the bike. Obviously lah, I’m Jacky Hong. But here’s why you should choose the two-wheels too. 1. It’s Cheap This is the best reason. Bicycles are a one-off investment. You pay a particular amount to buy a bicycle and for the rest of your bicycle’s lifespan, it’s completely cost-efficient. Even