A lovely morning with good weather. Hong Yan was very excited about the race as it was the first race for her. It took Hong Yan only a month from 4 wheel transition to two wheels. At the age of 7, she could join 1 loop criterium and small loop push bike. Although she did not get any prize in the end, but she really enjoys the race and take it

Hong Yan, My 7 years old daughter is going to take part on CIMB Junior Cycling on tomorrow. It was her first cycling race, we both were exited when we enrolled for this run. But just moment ago when she test her bike in front of the house, she encounter minor accident… she collide with a car that moving towards her. Luckily both speed was slow at that moment and

After a long ride, finally I manage to reach Lanzhou in the afternoon. The weather was nice here, not so cold compare earlier. With the population of around 3.5 million, Lanzhou was the capital and largest city in Northwest China. The city acted as a transportation hub in connecting further west rail. The elevation now was around 1700m, it was almost the height on Genting Highland!! Majority of the population

I was awake in the morning with some weird sound. A normal day and as cold as usual, but when I step outside the door, it was SNOW!!! I feel excited at first when I experience snowing, but after a while I was started thinking that it could be hard to cycle when snowing. How am I going to start my ride today? Should I stay one more night instead?

Arrive in Lintao, the temperature here was extremely cold and windy…plan to stay a night here. Let me tell you all a little info about Lintao. Lintao 临洮, previously known as Didao 狄道 Lintao County is administratively under the control of Dingxi, Gansu province.The county is located mostly on the right (eastern) bank of the Tao River, a right tributary of the Yellow River. It borders with Lanzhou in the