As a cyclist, I am aware that not everyone has had the opportunity to clock in the time or distance that I have with the 18,000km from Kuala Lumpur to London. A lot of people would ask, “Is it even possible to get there by cycling? Don’t you have to cross the seas?” So I want to share about how I mapped out a route that led me safely by land to

This picture was taken on the ninth day of my KL to London journey and in that moment, I thought about how far my dream was, what a long and gruesome way to go. Here I am now, 3 years later – sitting in the comfort of my home typing about it. If you’re one foot into a journey and thinking of how far away your destination seems, you’ll get

I’ve been asked quite frequently where I preferred to take my bike to on cycling excursions and one route on top of my list is Genting Sempah. Cyclists took to this route more than 30 years ago as it was one of the main roads before Karak Highway was built and snagged that title. Besides being one of the places that cyclists haunt, this road is also an alternative that


Nov 2015

Tyre-d Out

When I went on the journey from KL to London, I had contingency plans for everything and that included the punctured tyres. I had my first puncture on the 4th day. And then another 7 times on that trip. It mostly happened to my front tyre, as it will yours, because the front tyre takes most of the pressure. Rather than changing your tyre altogether, here’s a trick to make


Nov 2015

Warm Showers

Back when I was on my journey from KL to London, I had to rely on backpacker’s hostels and budget hotels to put up my nights. There’s a lot of ugly behind the glamour of completing a 18,000km ride through 16 countries. Everyday was a new worry about where I would be sleeping the night, whether I’ll get the comfort of a warm shower. I didn’t know about and