Would this photo be attractive enough to make up for my absence on the blog the past two months? After dabbling in hiking and high-altitude cycling, I’m beginning to miss my time back in KL to London. The days of being alone with my bike and the world to see. Let me get back in the rhythm of telling these stories!

Transitioning from a cyclist to a hiker, I realised that there are many similarities. Both involve travelling to the unknown, backpacking and surviving in the great outdoors. The real difference though, lies in the luggage. In KL To London, I could hang my belongings to the bike. When I hiked,  I had to carry the weight on my shoulders. That’s just one of the few things I discovered on my solo hiking

The Annapurna circuit is a famous hiking route. The view’s beautiful and the high-altitude experience is like no other. I recently returned from a 20-day hike there. I had it planned since December last year, and it felt like such a coincidence when I discovered the Kayuhan Altitud Tinggi Circuit Annapurna program by Majlis Rekreasi Malaysia early this year. Long story short, I was finally selected (read how it happened here).

As most of you know, I’m a cyclist. But when the opportunity came to hike Gunung Tahan, I jumped at it with the enthusiasm of a hiker. After all, the common trait needed to do both is willpower (and I think I have some of that!). Hiking is still very much something new to me — so it became an excuse to shop? Haha. I got new hiking shoes and


Feb 2017

New Heights

It’s been a while! First, I have to apologise to you guys for leaving this blog untended for so long. But I’m back now with news that still feels unreal to me. This Wednesday, I’ll be flying to Nepal for a solo hiking trip. I’ve taken a long time to plan this 20-day trip and it’s finally happening! Check out the route below:   Source: Majlis Rekreasi Malaysia But that’s not all. This