I started my journey n 8am in the morning. The morning sun warm me up and given me the energy to cycle for whole day. It was April now, it was coming to summer, the sunrise was getting earlier everyday. I was using the Sun as my daily compass as I was heading west :). The sun will be right on my back in the morning and the sunset will

I always wonder about the qualification to join Tour De France, which is an annual men’s multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in France. It was one of the biggest cycling events, just like the World Cup for football. I always wanted to join such a big event in my lifetime. Anyway, I understand that to participate in any cycling event, you should have a proper training from time to

   Another delicious food spotted, I could never forget the good taste of this so call “nasi briyani” with meat. The rice come with a cup of Chinese Tea, I am very satisfying with the taste of every spoon in my mouth. Next is the bbq marinated meat!! The meat was juicy and tender. They call it “ bbq kou rou”  It was one of the most satisfying lunch I

  Arrived at one of the big city at the North West of China, Urumqi. I am so lucky to have a chance to try this wonderful and delicious handmade ramen!! You guys should come and try this when you come to Urumqi, strongly recommended!!! Should try it once in your lifetime. As a multi-ethnic city, you could find that there were almost more than 90% halal in Urumqi. As

Pass by a unique building, look like a mosque with some Chinese element. I have no idea where is this place, I just keep going on and just make sure that the sunset will be in front of me, I did not see any signboard and map on my hand. I met a wonderful lady walking alone in my opposite direction, she was walking from West China to the East.