Spend a night in Qilian, most of the food was halal here as majority of the population here were Muslim. Forget about what happened at the frozen mountain up there, I quickly order some food because I am starving. Freshly handmade noodle from the China chef in the kitchen, I’ve also order some vegetables with meat to fill up my stomach. The taste was almost similar with the “Lanzhou

Someone please help me, I think I’ve been kidnapped by someone along the road!!!! After loitering on altitude of 4100 meters, a small van stop beside me and I got pushed inside the van. Maybe is the high altitude and extreme weather, I could not do anything, my mind is blank for a while…maybe is AMS symptom. The drive has put my bicycle on the rear van and I have

  Morning China…another day for me to planning on how to hit century ride for today..Goodbye my 5 stars hotel…decided to have a break at a petrol station first before starting my journey… Took a few chocolate bar to gain some calories in the petrol station…I begin my journey for today…BUT…the weather was bad…visibility was low and the wind was strong from all directions. All I need to do now

It’s been 2 months since I started my journey. I am currently heading north and I enjoy the sun rise on my right and watching the sunset on my left everyday. Long way to go, hardly seen a person in this area. How cool if I could buy a piece of land and build a house here, looking around if there any sign board “Land for Sale” (Just Kidding, HAHA).

I am heading toward Qinghai lake now, the largest lake in China with 4,317 square kilometres. Still using the same road all the way heading west of China. It’s almost 7pm now, I am on my schedule toward Qinghai and I plan to set a camp over there, it would be COOL! However, a car from the opposite road pass by and stop in front of me. The driver asking