Applying for a visa upon arriving for some country is easier because you don’t need to spend time applying before departing. Before applying for the visa, you have to make sure the information such as date of entering and leaving is accurate as well as the entering reason and place of staying. As I am travelling by land and I can say not all of the immigration can apply for

Barista truck is a norm back in 2012 or maybe earlier. You can’t really see this now, many of them have chosen to move to shop. Travelling alone alone is not boring for me. I think many people choose to be like me to travel alone. By travelling alone, I could decide to stop whenever I am tired and choose not to visit the place that seems not interesting to

Lets see how much money is left in my pocket..The currency of Ukraine is called hryvnia, the exchange rate is about (200 hryvnia = 29 ringgit malaysia). My mathematics is weak even until today, I need a calculator to do the conversion even though the amount is small so that I can roughly estimate how much it cost for one meal when I look at the food menu. Finally, I

I am currently heading to Odessa, the third most populous city of Ukraine and a major tourism center. It is the city along the black sea and they call it “pearl of the black sea”, I am excited to check out what the city looks like. There is 600km to go, it was expected to reach the city in 3-4 days. In order to maintain my nicely short hair, I

I think I am now staying at a higher latitude, that’s the reason why I am feeling very strange that the night is so short as the sun was completely set around 9pm+. As you can see in the photo, it was only 5.40am and the sky was already completely bright. Amazing!! This campside is one of the best along the journey, it is so quiet and peaceful when camping