Finally, I have reached the capital city of France, Paris. In front of me is one of the famous Cathedral, Cathedral Notre Dame. This famous building is a medieval Catholic cathedral and it is considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. This building was built in the 12th century. I have later found out on the internet that the view from the top is unique and stunning.

Grass carpet? Or the grass for the horse/cow? Can you imagine how I can camp inside these farms at night? I thought it was only the backyard of a house, but it was a huge farm during the day time. Haha I can confirm that it was not easy for me to look for a place to stay, especially outside the city. I am now in Europe, the currency exchange

Look at the solid blue sky! It is hard to see the sky without any clouds! It is a nice day to dry up my tent after a wet night before I use it again. This thing is normal today in 2022 but it was really new stuff to me back in 2012, 10 years passed… I have stopped for a while to enjoy this view as the view is

I found out that I am sleeping behind a backyard / garage of people’s houses. I could not see it yesterday as it was already dark and late at night when I set up the tent. Haha, so funny Hmm, actually the view is not bad while looking out from my tent window. Nice scenery. Is that a snail without its shell? Or can anyone tell me what it is?

OMG?? They have all of these for breakfast, it looks delicious, I think I can finish all of it within a second. Okay, I’ll take all of it. I am certainly full now after finishing the big breakfast. I am trying to beat a challenge which is climbing the mountain without stopping with full load. Hope that I can lose some weight. Some of the cyclists shout at me for