Yesterday I came across an article about a man who wasn’t exactly a cyclist, per se. But better yet, he was a man who cycled for a selfless cause. Bai Fang Li devoted his entire life to a trishaw, his means to earning a buck not for himself but children who needed an education. In 20 years, he managed to donate 30 million Yuan (Rm20.7 million) to the benefit of

Stumbled upon Zahariz Khuzaimah’s trailer of his travelogue show “Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah.” where he rode to Tien Shan Mountains and wielded his forest skis up the impossible slope. Inspiring  and especially because it was a one man expedition, much like mine. Look out for more news on the world of biking here on Moocycle. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that people are learning something new about cycling.

I’ve never been in a cinema with my bike. That was until the 8th of August. Cyclery is a bike shop that doubles as a cafe in the rather suburban area that is Damansara Perdana and they approached me to be the face of their Popcorn Ride event. Whatever you’re thinking when I say Popcorn Ride, that’s exactly it. The agenda of the event put together by Cyclery was for

This is genius and I wish I had more information of this sort 3 years ago. The 6-month journey from KL to London was my first ever bike packing trip and to be honest, I had no idea what to pack or how to decide what’s a necessity versus what’s not. Pitching a tent was a foreign idea and I didn’t even bother testing out the new tent neatly folded in my