Location: Tha Kham, Phunphin District

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To be completely honest, I lost track of where exactly I was in these photos. I merely remember that I was in this vicinity and the seasides still surrounded the towns I was passing through. I rode for about 150km that day along this coastal road before I decided to put up the night at a cheap chalet nearby.


I sat down and had a very satisfying Thai dinner by myself and went on to this beach to watch the sunset. This mother came by with her little kid, walking along the shore and I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of homesickness. I missed my wife and baby Hong Yan. I wondered what they were doing, how they spent the nights without me.


I walked behind them – hoping they wouldn’t freak out thinking I was someone dodgy – and the footprints just made me wish my own wife and daughter was right here walking with me.┬áIt was just the 8th day and the road ahead seemed long. Too long.