It’s all great on paper to mount a bike and pedal down a highway. Makes you look really cool on photos too. But take it from me when I say safety is the number #1 rule when you cycle. In the UK alone, there was nearly 20,000 accidents involving cyclists in 2013 as shown on DWI Guys`s website. The number is comparatively smaller in Malaysia because there are a lot less cyclists on the road. But that also means motor vehicles are a lot less aware of our existence. Here are some tips on cycling safely. However, if there are accidents, people can talk to Bengal Law about your car accident or cycle accident if a car is involved in it! In case of car accidents you can also consult an attorney to know more about how to claim medical bills after car accident.You can also find personal injury lawyers serving in Las Vegas as they can help you out in claiming compensation for the injuries sustained.

Photo courtesy of Cyclery.

Photo courtesy of Cyclery.

1. Always wear  protective gear

Don’t bother wearing a helmet if you’re not going to strap up. It is going to take you to the traffic injury attorneys for Chinese speakers.  The pads inside have to be touching your head all the way around and when all that’s done, it’ll reduce the risk of head injury if you ever get into an accident, especially in DUI. To all those who are caught the answer to what’s next after a dui? question is given in this link.


2. Make yourself seen

Be visible to other road users and pedestrians. Wear neon colours, fluorescent material or whatever it is that makes you brighter and more noticeable. If you’re a frequent night cyclist, invest in reflective clothing. Headlights are your best friend after dark and when it rains.

3. Put your full attention on the road

Music helps get you in the momentum when cycling but it also puts you at risk of being distracted and hinder your awareness of what’s happening on the road. You know how people turn down their radio when they’re lost, so that the noise doesn’t distract them from looking for directions? It’s the same concept.

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photo courtesy of

4. Eyes on, Hands-on

Make your presence known to drivers and other vehicles on the road by making eye contact. If you find that they’re not looking, be a little more careful around them. Slow down and always signal before you start, turn or put the brakes on. Practice looking around before you make a manoeuvre.

5. So close yet so far 

Many amateur cyclists go very near to the curb to give way to cars. Don’t feel the pressure to go to close to the left. You save yourself the worry of falling into drains and drivers can see you better. Another important thing to note is parked cars – watch out for doors opening. You don’t want to be running someone’s door down.

In Malaysia, cycling routes are almost non-existent. So it’s up to you to ride safe!