Somewhere in Northern Thailand, I recall renting a room in this guest house and meeting this golden retriever. While I was busy cycling and breaking a sweat day in day out, this pup was just hanging around his living room fast asleep. I wondered how different my life would be if I had decided to just stick around home and relax, as opposed to attempting to kill myself with over

Merry Christmas! This happened 3 years ago when I recently returned¬†from KL To London. We celebrated the holiday over foie gras and red wine. Believe me when I say, everything tasted a little sweeter. We didn’t do much this year but any time spent¬†with these two is a celebration all the same.

Surprisingly, the road conditions from the Malaysia-Thai border all the way up till Bangkok and north Thailand, as I would later find out, was very well-maintained. Smooth and tarred, there were hardly any potholes and I was impressed that they had a bike lane, let alone a wide one. Thanks to this, I cycled more than 150km a day after the border and that gave me a headstart and an


Dec 2015

The Right Fit

Bike-fitting is to cycling that a memory pillow is to sleeping. It’s modifying a bicycle to adapt and fit to its rider as if it was custom-made. I believe that it’s every cyclist’s wish to be able to ride comfortably even when they’re racing the wind for a good distance of 100-200km. My answer to that is bike-fitting. If you are the biker and if you are suffering from neck


Dec 2015

PJ Fun Ride 2015

As it is with all events, the planning of PJ Fun Ride began much earlier but the details ended up being put together at the last minute. The premium rush of Malaysian ways. This was the day I was going to launch This blog which is my blood, sweat and tears compressed into a website of words and photos encapsulating my journey as a cyclist. So it was expected