Dec 2015

PJ Fun Ride 2015

As it is with all events, the planning of PJ Fun Ride began much earlier but the details ended up being put together at the last minute. The premium rush of Malaysian ways.

This was the day I was going to launch Moocycle.com. This blog which is my blood, sweat and tears compressed into a website of words and photos encapsulating my journey as a cyclist. So it was expected that I would be slaving to get this event in place. A night before the ride, I worked with my friends from CRC (Community Recycle For Charity) to arrange for the foam board to pin the map from KL to London. While we were rushing to get that done, I flipped through the printed R4 pictures taken during the journey to see which ones would look best and cracked my head to remember what happened at the exact moments those photos were taken. Then I wrote the short captions down below the photos. It wasn’t until 12AM that we managed to transfer the board to MBPJ at Petaling Jaya New Town. 


More than 1000 cyclists turned up and it was so heartening to see both familiar and new faces here to ride together. The Petaling Jaya City Mayor Tuan Mohd Azizi bin Mohd Zain flagged us off and we went on our way to hit the 30km fun!


That morning, I woke my wife and daughter up way too early for a Sunday. We signed up for the ride together. That was  their first time taking part in a ride and it was definitely the longest one in their lives. Especially for my 3 year old daughter, you would imagine. Haha.


Eventhough 30km was considerably tough for amateur cyclists, a lot of riders seemed to be enjoying it. I certainly had an amazing time with my little Hong Yan riding with me in a modified baby chair. It was also a proud moment for me when my wife June, who struggled at times, didn’t give up even when I told her to hop onto the truck and sit out the rest of the road.


Ironically, I was the one who had to sit the ride out in the last 10km because I had a puncture in my tyre. Hong Yan and I had to wait for the vehicles scheduled on track for riders who couldn’t go through with the entire 30km. The organiser MBPJ was great – providing road guides, marshals and back-up transportations. All riders were also rewarded with medals and lunch to fill us up after all that energy expended.


In conjunction with the blog launch, CRC also arranged for principals from 10 orphanages to receive mock bicycle plaques. CRC and Moocycle.com donated a total of 100 bicycles to orphans and kids in need! No one should be robbed of the simple joy of having fun cycling and it was the best gift we could imagine giving to children.


That concluded the PJ Fun Ride 2015 event and the blog launch.  If you were also there at the event, leave a comment below because I would love to know!