Dec 2015

The Right Fit

Bike-fitting is to cycling that a memory pillow is to sleeping. It’s modifying a bicycle to adapt and fit to its rider as if it was custom-made. I believe that it’s every cyclist’s wish to be able to ride comfortably even when they’re racing the wind for a good distance of 100-200km. My answer to that is bike-fitting.

If you are the biker and if you are suffering from neck pain.Then this content may help you to get rid off your pain.Let me tell a story,before I got into the routine of bike fits, I consistently came home from rides with soreness around my neck, shoulder and lower back areas. The pain starts when I get past the 80km mark and the next 80km to the finish line is a struggle. I used to click here and there to find the cause. Personal level of fitness and mental strength are two important traits to have in endurance cycling but add soreness and pain into the journey and it becomes a whole different thing. It’s another level of stress smack in the middle of a challenging ride.

2 hours or so of a bike-fitting session is sufficient to takeĀ all your individual preferences into account and then, all you need is another short period of time to break in the bike and get used to the new fitting. The next minute, you’re on the road pedalling at 30km/h and you won’t feel a thing but comfort.

If you need some personal guidance from me on bike-fits, drop a comment below and I’ll be glad to help.