Surprisingly, the road conditions from the Malaysia-Thai border all the way up till Bangkok and north Thailand, as I would later find out, was very well-maintained. Smooth and tarred, there were hardly any potholes and I was impressed that they had a bike lane, let alone a wide one. Thanks to this, I cycled more than 150km a day after the border and that gave me a headstart and an extra day to spare. With that, I decided to take a day off the wheels and go on foot around Bangkok.

I had heard so much about this city and seen so much on my way here. It was beautiful to actually be able to see things in motion. Thai food tasted rather similar to me from the southern to northern region as well as in the rural areas to the city, all hearty and spicy meals that gives you a little heat for the day. Majority of the Thai population is Buddhist and as such, temples are everywhere.

After walking in Bangkok for a full day, I thought to myself that I’ll choose cycling out of the city any day. Traffic is almost non-existent and I enjoy the feeling of needing nothing but my bike and the sun as my guide.