Buying a bike, is a lot like choosing a wife. There so many types – road, mountain, full suspension, all-mountain, folding, fixed gear, touring, cyclocross and normal ones – that you always have to figure out what’s right for you before paying for it because they all cater to different needs. My history with bicycles is definitely a lot more interesting than my love life haha. I’ve had over 20

When was the last time you allowed something as simple as cycling to put a smile on your face?

Noodles are a staple in Laos. I lived off this noodle soup (Khao Piak Sen) in the few days that I biked through the country. It’s available nearly everywhere and if you ever been to Vietnam, this is very similar to the more popular Pho. Usually comes chicken or beef as the protein and plates of beans sprouts, long beans and cilantro as garnish. A bowl of this costs around 8000

And 20 days later, I was in Laos! Where people spoke a language that was indistinguishable from Thai to me and currency exchange turned me into a millionaire. Once I entered these roads, I had to change my direction because the road is terbalik – reversed. I had to cycle on the right side of the road. Laos was the first of Southeast Asian countries that surprised me.  When I saw what

8 days into the New Year and only now am I just recovering from the hype of it. Happy New Year, all my friends reading this! The reason I say it took me awhile to come back from the New Year holidays is that to spend the last days of 2015, 5 of my friends (Kok Leong, Yong Koon, Ken, Eddie and Shukor) and I embarked on our last journey of