8 days into the New Year and only now am I just recovering from the hype of it. Happy New Year, all my friends reading this!


The reason I say it took me awhile to come back from the New Year holidays is that to spend the last days of 2015, 5 of my friends (Kok Leong, Yong Koon, Ken, Eddie and Shukor) and I embarked on our last journey of 2015 on 30th December 2015. Six folding bicycles, over 100km in 5 days. Adventure time!

KLIA 2 -> Surat Thani -> Domsak Pier -> Koh Phangan -> Koh Samui -> Domsak Pier -> Surat Thani -> KLIA 2


20160108055350 (1)



We were drawn to Thailand because we heard that it was there we would find the most beautiful full moon. Koh Phangan is famed for its Full Moon Party that some tourists kickstarted back some time ago. Attracting more than 10000 people from all over the world to the island each month, the Full Moon Party begins at dusk and goes on all the way through the night with the full moon basking. It’s also known for its great acts like music, jugglers and fireworks displays.

For me, Koh Phangan will always be remembered for more than its Full Moon Party. Because guess what, I almost drowned there on the last day of the year!  We were by the beach and I went swimming without giving much notice to this sign.



Suddenly I was sucked into the rip current and I couldn’t break out or swim back to shore no matter how I tried. Exhausted and helpless, I thought that I was going to drown for sure. Lucky enough, a boy came toward me with his surfboard and I held onto his board while he helped me get back to shore. I guess life had more for me in 2016!

But on that night of New Year’s Eve, we had an experience of a countdown party unlike any other. The moon was insanely beautiful and people were all having the time of their lives, drinking, dancing and just enjoying the atmosphere.

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Hangover or not the next day,  we had to keep going in the name of New Year’s Day! The following days we spent giving our year a good start with all the wonders of Koh Samui – Thai food, waterfall spots, beaches, good old Thai massages and the must-have sightseeing and shopping sessions.

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What a way to end and begin the new year!