I saw a lot of things in my time in Laos, and handicraft is one of them. It’s one of the main tourism businesses and it’s everywhere in town. A lot of people worked relentlessly with their hands and although most things they made don’t sell for a lot of money, they work so hard to perfect their craft. If we saw more of this every day, it’d probably be

When I cycled 18,000km through dirt and concrete, city and nature, I learned that our best friends in this world are greeneries. Trees, plants, fauna. There were times when I was exhausted from my rides and I rested under the shade of trees. It was relaxing and I felt as though I was getting refuelled. You know why? Oxygen. There were other times when I stood 10,000km away from home

Those who love watching Tour De France or actually doing road cycling know that this picture encapsulates the feeling. Pedalling up a steep hill, or metres away from the finish line, you’ll have supporters running beside you and cheering you on. You will want to make a U-turn, or maybe just put the brakes on and stop there. I know I wanted to do. Then my imagination of Hong Yan’s

Since we’re still in the festive mood for Chinese New Year, here’s something I did that doesn’t revolve around cycling. Just in case you’d like to get to know a bit more about my regular life! On the first day of CNY, I visited a friend at Teluk Intan. The 2 hour drive was smooth and we were blessed with a great, sunny weather. The humble township is surrounded by