Location: Boten Border Crossing At the Boten Border Crossing that links Laos to China, I was damn kan cheong (Cantonese for extremely nervous) just thinking about the fact that I was about to step into the country that holds the largest population in the world. The country of my ancestral heritage. Where the Chinese come from. The Mohan Port is famed for being a bicycle-friendly immigration office to access China and so

Can you guess where I arrived at? Stories about my journey to the homeland of my ancestors coming up!

Location: Luang Namtha Just north of Luang Prabang is Luang Namtha, the town that borders Laos with the country where all things are made – China. Luang Namtha is a hybrid of Laotian and Chinese culture. There are lots of shops seen with Chinese signboards, especially food joints. While cycling through this town towards China, I met this guy heading the opposite direction towards Ventiane. After speaking to him for

    Sahara, is that you? For moments cycling through the undeveloped terrains of Laos, I kept thinking if I was in someplace else. It’s so bare that sometimes you forget where you are. I can’t even recall where I was, at this exact moment – only that I had to ride mindlessly until I found the next township. But this “sand” you see on the ground is actually dust