Location: Luang Namtha

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Just north of Luang Prabang is Luang Namtha, the town that borders Laos with the country where all things are made – China.


Luang Namtha is a hybrid of Laotian and Chinese culture. There are lots of shops seen with Chinese signboards, especially food joints.



While cycling through this town towards China, I met this guy heading the opposite direction towards Ventiane. After speaking to him for a bit, I found out that he was going there to get his travel documents sorted. But what impressed me about him was the fact that he was only dressed in a thin t-shirt while I was decked in a few layers, including a windbreaker. Then, he gave me more reason to be impressed when he told me that 80% of his luggage on the bike are books that he would read along his journey.


As if it isn’t difficult enough to just cycle through countries. Hah!