Apr 2016

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, friends. Sometimes when writing this blog, I look back on my journey and I tend to feel like I’ve been through such a long road. But I still have an adventure ahead of me — a long, exciting one. Today, I just want to tell you to keep going on yours.

Location: Wang Hai Lu Yunnan Sheng Not long after arriving in China, I went around looking for food and I found this village market selling mixed rice — a staple of Chinese food no matter where you are in the world. There were over 20 types of varied vegetables and meats to choose from. You’re given a bowl of rice to stack your dishes on for ONLY RM2.50-3.50. But the

Can you imagine a city with self-driving bicycles? I don’t mean just the auto-cruise function. I mean a full-on self-driving bicycle that doesn’t require the presence of a rider to go from point A to point B. A bicycle that can pick you up and drop you off, then go on its way to park itself. Sounds like an amazing contraption. But there is one problem. Here in Malaysia, your

You know you’ve arrived in China when you cycle past this sight of pig enclosures.

Just a few hours ago today, this junior cycling competition took a hit on social media for handing out mock cheques worth a mere RM10-RM30. Yes, it’s quite an irony if you think about how much it would have costed them to print the mock cheques. The kids were as young as 10 years old and looking like they easily beat me in a race. I thought to myself, these kids