Dentists at the local street market. Anyone due for a checkup?

I am always fascinated by markets. A place that sells food is a place of culture so you get to see a lot. There’s always some history behind what people eat. Here I was, reminded of how much Malaysian culture is adapted from the Chinese. Of course, we always knew that our ancestors came from here. But it’s different when you actually see things that you identify with home in


Jun 2016

Malacca To UK

  Found this article while scrolling through my Facebook feed. Ah Chai is practically my predecessor from the 1930s! Taking up a school sponsorship challenge, he cycled all the way from Malacca to United Kingdom in those 1930s days. Can you imagine? No smartphone, no camera and simply no way of contacting anyone so many miles away other than the occasional long distance phone call. No GPS, even. Just a

Besides badminton, I think this picture is a perfect display of what Malaysia and China has in common. The aftermath of morning markets, pasar malamĀ or just any street stalls.