I’ll be here this Sunday. Come say hi if you see me!

Location: Guanling National Geographic Park, Guizhou, China  Nice landmark for my bike. At the rate that I was traveling this country, it felt like China will never end and I didn’t really mind. It’s beautiful.

Reading books can give you knowledge, but travelling is what gives you experience.

In my previous post here , I talked about eating healthy as a part of my lifestyle. So I just want to share with you guys something I discovered lately — kimchi! It’s packed with nutrients, inexpensive and easy to make. I’ll show you 😉 I’ve only made my very first batch and it took about 3-4 days to finish with the fermentation process. So if you didn’t know, making kimchi

To travel the world has always, always been my dream. There’s so much to see and even after cycling 18,000km across continents, I still want to see more of it. But for that to happen, I need to be healthy. I need to live long enough to make my dream come true! Besides having good sleeping habits and exercising, eating healthy has got to be on top of my list