A few weeks back, I participated in Audax Randonneurs Malaysia 2016. Some of you will know that this event is intense, focusing on long-distance cycling. Whether it’s 200km, 300km, 400km or 600km, most compete to qualify for Paris Brest Paris — a reputed ride that takes place in France every four years. The ride would kick-off at Malacca to Skudai, Johor and back to Malacca. These three checkpoints covered 400km and riders

When you’re in a foreign country with no one familiar, your bicycle becomes your everything! I took very good care of mine during this time. Regular checks, cleaning and changing spare parts. It’s almost as if I was taking care of a baby! Meanwhile, my wife June was taking care of my own baby girl haha. Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons.

So excited to announce that I will be joining this challenge! It’s been a personal goal of mine for some time now. The Taiwan KOM Challenge is held in conjunction with Taiwan Cycling Festival Series. After watching To The Fore (破风), I think the Taiwanese cycling scene is incredible and I’m looking to get my bike up to that high altitude! The challenge includes riding 100km uphill, 3200m above the sea. This

Location: Fuyuan, Qujing, Yunnan -> Pu’an, Qianxinan, Guizhou (China) You meet all sorts of people when you travel alone, even more when you cycle alone. On my way to Pu’An from Fuyuan, I was flagged down by a few cars. A lot pass through my mind when these things happen. “Am I getting into trouble?” or maybe, “Maybe they need directions”. I wasn’t sure who these businessmen-looking guys were, but I obliged.