Location: Fuyuan, Qujing, Yunnan -> Pu’an, Qianxinan, Guizhou (China)

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.45.30 PM


You meet all sorts of people when you travel alone, even more when you cycle alone. On my way to Pu’An from Fuyuan, I was flagged down by a few cars. A lot pass through my mind when these things happen. “Am I getting into trouble?” or maybe, “Maybe they need directions”. I wasn’t sure who these businessmen-looking guys were, but I obliged. They began asking where I came from and where I was headed. I told them I’m from Malaysia and that I was headed north. These are times I’m glad I speak Mandarin quite fluently, because I could use the company and conversation!


They chatted with me and were impressed by the journey I was taking and then, they threw me a challenge! Instead of cycling down the main road, they challenged me to try going offroad — it’s steep, but a shorter distance and an interesting way to go.


The road was not in condition for cars, but it’s known for having 24 ‘stations’ all the way to the top, each marked by a rustic stone signage like this. So up I went!


Halfway there..


The view was worth it! I wonder if those men believe I did it haha. Maybe one day they will see this blog and realise I took their challenge.