And that’s all the reason you need.

In a choice of bicycle versus car (or any other vehicle), I’m gonna choose the bike. Obviously lah, I’m Jacky Hong. But here’s why you should choose the two-wheels too.


1. It’s Cheap

This is the best reason. Bicycles are a one-off investment. You pay a particular amount to buy a bicycle and for the rest of your bicycle’s lifespan, it’s completely cost-efficient. Even the maintenance cost is miles more affordable than when it comes to cars or motorcycles. Watch a few Youtube videos or ask your cyclist friends – chances are you can learn how to maintain it on your own and never have to spare a single cent for service. Plus, no road tax or insurance! Travelling with a bicycle is a bit like cheating, because you pay nothing when crossing the borders. How do you think I could afford going to 18 countries? Haha.

2. For Convenience’ Sake

A lot of vehicles are convenient, but probably in ways different from the bicycle. Cycling is easy, because it’s similar to walking. If the road condition is good enough to walk through, it’s good enough for your bike (and that also means shortcuts that your car won’t reach). Bikes these days are light enough to carry around with ease and sturdy enough to carry a good amount of luggage. But the most convenient features that come with cycling are parking and traffic. You can literally park your bicycle anywhere, as long as you have a spot to lock it (free parking!) and it guarantees a traffic-free journey.

3. Safety First

Despite the lack of bicycle lanes in Malaysia, you’ll find that it’s relatively safe to cycle. The maximum speed for a regular bicycle with full load is up to 40km/hour on flat ground and that makes for plenty of time for motorists to avoid you and for you to steer away from obstacles safely. Cycling is an even safer sport in other parts of the world and I’d really like to see more people cycle across countries to realise that. Also, if you compare it with travelling by sea or air, bicycles don’t crash (not to death, anyways) or sink. 😉


4. Save The Environment

Your bicycle don’t emit harmful gases! Enough said.

5. Healthy Lifestyle

If we cycled as often as we sat behind the wheel of our cars, we’d be so fit. Malaysians are getting dragged down by sedentary lifestyles and overpriced gym memberships and this is a really simple way to getting out of it. Start small by cycling to work or to dinner, because even if it’s a short journey, your body could use the workout!

Now that I’ve given you the reasons, grab your bicycle and start cycling. It’s HSE-compliant: health, safety and environment 😀