43 days into my KL to London journey, I arrived in Sichuan district of Chongqing, China. Located in the southwest, Chongqing is unofficially one of the biggest cities in the world. It’s famous for many things; the ‘Three Gorges’,  the commercial centre, the monument of ancient war strategist ZhuGe Liang and more. Sichuan, on the other hand, is famous for superbly spicy food, old heritage buildings and tall, beautiful girls — I am not kidding, even the policewoman is pretty. Look.


Then here at this local city square, I met a group of local cyclists. When they noticed me cycling alone, they were friendy and turned to ask where I came from.


“马来西亚 (Malaysia),” I said and their eyes widened. Like really, those eyes opened big big and they quickly gathered their friends to come speak to me. Then we took these pictures together. This sport definitely brings people together, no matter the distance or nationality.


As we chatted, they invited me to come with them for dinner at a famous Sichuan steamboat restaurant. If there is one thing Sichuan is famous for, it’s their hot and spicy soup, and these guys made sure I was going to try it at least once.


Let me tell you, it was REALLY SPICY. Sichuan’s peppercorns (those round, yellow balls you see in the soup) are known to be tongue-numbing. Spicy until you can’t recognise your mum, that’s the Cantonese saying :p. It was such a good experience for me, and these guys even paid for dinner and refused to let me pay my share.


You never know how kind people can be until you travel alone, and meet them for yourself. Some people will ask, why would they do that? Did they want something from me? Maybe they have ulterior motives.



But I believe it’s a matter of “I help you, you help me,”. That day, they extended kindness to me and treated me to dinner and enjoyable conversations. Maybe one day, when they decide to travel to Malaysia, I’ll be here to do the same for them.


And just like that, my night in Sichuan ended. Follow me on Facebook to find out where I headed to next!