When I started to share my story on this blog, I didn’t know what to expect. But my philosophy in doing anything has always been to just do my part and give it my all. I did that when I left for KL to London three years ago and I am still trying to do that today. Over the past week, my journey went viral on Facebook and was shared

Two weeks ago, I gave you some of my best tips on traveling light but that was just the first part. Here’s the second: Learn And Adapt The best lesson on packing comes when you actually embark on your journey. The woes of not having enough shirts for change, versus┬áthe unsettling feeling that you lugged around a lot more than you actually needed. When you’re on the trip, these thoughts

The Taiwan KOM ‘King of Mountain’ challenge first started in 2012 and is dubbed the world’s top 10 toughest cycling courses. I was super excited about this, like I wrote in this post months ago. The day finally came for me to pack my bags for Taiwan and I was stoked! Read my post on travelling light if you want to know how I pack for necessities. Arriving in Taipei,