Location: Chongqing, China
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Happy new year, friends! It’s been a while, but I think the new year’s a good time to recount my timeless journey and I’m not even done talking about my road to Chongqing, China. Let me tell you the gist of what I want to say before you go on to read this brief post: when you travel, go heartened knowing that wherever you find yourself on the world map, there will be people with  nothing but good hearts and kind intentions.

While I was in a town, I pusing-pusing (made rounds) like I always do when exploring a new place, until I found this small bike shop and entered. This young man was working there and as he approached to greet a potential customer (me), he noticed the Malaysian flag attached to my bike. I thought that it was strange for him not to know our flag, then I realised what a foreign country we must be a man who has spent his life in such a self-sufficient nation.  Like many of my encounters on this journey, our friendship began with a simple “Where are you from?” and spiralled into acts of kindness.

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He ended up servicing my bike for me for free! For a tune of the gears and brakes, I returned what I had to offer — stories, of Malaysia, my dream to cycle to London and a humble passion for the wheels.