Feb 2017

New Heights

It’s been a while! First, I have to apologise to you guys for leaving this blog untended for so long. But I’m back now with news that still feels unreal to me. This Wednesday, I’ll be flying to Nepal for a solo hiking trip. I’ve taken a long time to plan this 20-day trip and it’s finally happening! Check out the route below:



Source: Majlis Rekreasi Malaysia

But that’s not all. This solo hiking trip is not happening out of nowhere. It is actually in preparation for one of the toughest cycles of my life yet: The Kayuhan Altitude Tinggi (high altitude cycling) – Annapurna Circuit. The fully-sponsored expedition happens in May and it’d taken a long, grueling selection process, before I found out recently that I’d be one of six individuals representing Malaysia. I’m super proud to say that if we succeed, our achievement will be recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records! People say it’s tough to trek to the peaks at Annapurna, and we’re about to ride up there. What exciting times!


Source: Majlis Rekreasi Malaysia

I’ve also prepared a post on my journey climbing Gunung Tahan a few weeks ago, to be published while I’m away in Annapurna. Wish me luck and wait for it!