Warm and cozy morning, temperature is just nice for me. I am cycling on G213 road, heading west of Chengdu. G213 road is a highway that link from North to South part of China, total length is 2827 km.I would also like to suggest people that when you are cycling, it is important to have contact of attorneys as they can help with a bicycle accident. Well, I have pass by Minjiang river, took a photo with heartbreaking scenery and posted in the original site mentioned here.



As you can seen on the both photo, the river was so calm and without any wind. It’s just like a mirror.



Pass by wenchuan earthquake memorial stone. Wenchuan earthquake occur on May 12, 2008 measuring at 8.0M, 80 km northwest of Chengdu. The quake was so strong as both Beijing and Shanghai can felt the tremor. As stated in their explanation, the tremor has last for 2 minutes, it has cause over 69,000 casualties, 370,000 injured and 18,222 went missing.


The leftover damage of the earthquake can still been capture. However, most of the affected area has been rebuild. Pray for all the casualties.


Hmm……Can someone tell me who is this?


Still on the G213 road heading towards Lanzhou. Enjoying mountains view.


More mountains in front of me.


I’m cycling more than 160 km everyday with the average speed of 15-20km/h. Although some people might think that cycling 160km was quite far, the scenery along the way and the weather was so nice until i did not realize the time pass. Apart from that, safety come first for sure, i have to beware of the vehicle passing by while enjoying the scenery.


Further down the road, the car getting lesser. The weather become more chilling as the time goes by. I started to notice the snow on the top of the mountains. Some thought coming in my mind “will I have to pass through those mountains?”


Stop by the road for 5 minutes break. Feel like getting a cup of water in the river, the water was clean and clear. A bunch of wild goat were having their good time relaxing along the river.  


It’s still long way to go, i have to travel 18,000km in total for my destination. No need to rush, i just want to enjoy and experience the whole journey. I will stop over for a break wherever and whenever I want to.


The photo was taken after I spend some time to cycling up the hill. Zig zag road was always the cyclist dream.


Weather getting colder and colder. A cute goat was standing in front of me. Look that the fur, it’s so thick. I think the elevation was quite high now.

Another 2km tunnel I have to pass through. There were so many tunnel on this road, it was really a marvel engineering for those people to construct this road. The tunnel was cold with limited lighting, some of the light was not working, quite scary thou. Sometimes I have to rely on the headlight of the car so that I could see the road clearer. By the way, safety come first, I will pull aside if they was vehicle behind me and let them pass. I will follow their tail light as a guidance to continue my journey, and this continue on most of the tunnel….


This is one of the tunnel with completed light up, it was cool and windy while cycling inside.

To be continued…