Dated from the beginning until now, I have taken 1 month and 30 days to reach here. Actually, is quite fast for me.


A long journey to go, I have to make sure that there were some snacks such as nuts, chocolates and dried food in my backpack. I have passed by some local street stalls that selling berries. Those berries look nice and fresh, I have bought some to fill in my backpack. Price is quite cheap and negotiable, feel like buying some back home.


Bump with ladies cycling at the same direction early in the morning. Make my day, haha!


G213 road was one of the most beautiful highway in China. I could see some small village along the way. Some of the house was built along the river. The water was crystal clear, feel like taking my bottle and fill some of the water on it! However, the weather was getting colder and I have to stay under the sunlight to get warmer.


Having breakfast in a shop. An electric heater spotted! It was really a place to keep me warm. I wonder to get one of the thick back jacket when I saw many people around me wearing it, I think my jacket was not thick enough to keep me warm. I was started to suffer cold at this point now. Sign…..


Hot soup noodle serve! I was hungry and cold, I have no idea how fast I finish this bowl of noodle, maybe less than a minute?


I can’t feel my face now, my lips, nose and ears started to crank. The wind was so strong and blowing towards me when cycling, there was some liquid keep coming out from my hose. Feel like I was living in the artic. I force to put on the balaclava to keep my face warm and continue my journey. However, there was always something that comes out in my mind “Do I have enough clothes and jackets for me to warm up?”


The weather was really cold now, as you can see in the photo, the water in the drain has turned to ice. I did not have a thermometer in my hand to check how cold it is, but I am sure that the weather was below freezing point! It was really bad for me now…


Looking back to this photo, I still can remember how many layers and jackets I have been put in. One of my best friend in this journey,  “SUN”!. I would like to stay with my “Best Friend” in most of the time to keep me warm.


My beloved “mode of transport” did not fail me, it has traveling with me for 5,000km until this point. I almost can’t feel the weight of this chromoly steel bike as it was fully loaded with clothes and waters. Cycling everyday could make my leg feels good!


Heading north by using route G213. I like this number “711”, know why? My birthday is 11th of July! my lucky number.


There were no village or small town in few hours of cycle, I feel like I was in No Man’s Land sometimes. Those snacks will fill my stomach if I am hungry.


Another small village that I have passing by, I think it was the time for school dismissed, kids were walking back to their home. Quite nice for the kids, they could enjoy beautiful scenery everyday.


Wind is getting stronger as time goes dark, especially during the evening. Is was really hard for me to cycle during this time, it has caused me at least drop half of the speed. I can’t predict how was the wind speed, but I can tell you is strong! As you can see in the flag in the photo, scary tho!