Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), it is one of the sickness that I get to know after this journey. Actually I am not aware of this until I have completed my journey until people was started asking me, “Do you facing AMS?”

After that, I have did some research on this symptoms. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) will affect your health when you were base on high altitude. The amount of the oxygen will getting lower as the altitude getting higher. AMS commonly occurs above 2,400 metres (8,000 ft). People have different susceptibilities to altitude sickness. Severely will be life threatening.


First time seeing and touching the real ice in my lifetime. I can’t explain the feeling, although I was freezing like hell, but I still took out my glove and pick up the ice and feel it!


Been stopped by a patrol police. He was quite surprised when seeing me, he asked me where I came from and which was I heading to. After some chit-chat with him, he wishing me all the best for the journey because he hardly seen any bicycle could reach this area and also feeling strange that I could stand the cold when cycling out there.


I was continuing my journey and the road was ascending to the top, there were no village in few hours of cycling. I stopped by and have a rest, it was another nice view that I couldn’t forget. Have a rest for 15 minutes and continue by journey. The weather was calm and peaceful. I did not seen any car and people pass by, it’s just ME!!. The sun was my great friend on that time, he is giving me energy and heat for me to keep going.


Yak can live on high altitude and very cold condition.


I felt down inside the tunnel. It was due to the weather was so cold and I believed it has hit the freezing point. I think some part of the road has been covered with thin ice thus it was slippery. Due to the dim light in the tunnel, I can’t see well and I slip and fall. Luckily, It didn’t hurt, I just get up and continue 🙂


I have reached the altitude of 3840m!!!. Luckily, my breathing and body remained good.


Another beautiful scene,  stop here for awhile and enjoy the scenery.


After a long ride, I think I have reached the top of the climb. In front of me was a huge flatland. The altitude here was around 4000m. I am now planning that whether to stay on this elevation tonight or keep cycling to the lower altitude….

However, I can’t predict how far is this flatland, maybe 10 or 20km? Never mind, take a break!


After cycling a small distance, I saw a small hut. I believe it was kind of R&R (Rehat & Rawat) you know la LOL


Wind is getting stronger after 2pm. The weather also drop as well, getting colder and colder now. Luckily, I found this hut as a shelter. The hut was made by two thick layer and is waterproof, I think the material looks like canvas. Thanks to the hut, it was really warm inside, I could found some grocery, hot boiling water, instant noodle and even there were two bed for the operator to sleep.

The weather was really bad outside, I am deciding whether spend some time here or continue my journey. In the end, I choose to take a long break here, keep my body warm and refill my stomach:)