Mr Chiang is from Yunnan. He works as a teacher and never seen a lake or sea in his lifetime. He told me it was because Yunnan is an inland district, seafood was hardly been found at his place. Gansu gahai zecha lake was in his bucket list. So divert a few kilometer to see the lake. The lake looks normal for me but the feeling for Mr Chiang was

After a good sleep, me and Mr Chiang (A new friend that I have met during the journey, check out my previous blog on how we met if you have been missed out how we met)  woke up early in the morning to continue our journey. The weather was cloudy today. Without any sunlight, it was freezing to death, not good 🙁 I have been wearing the same clothes

The whole day I have been riding on this high altitude flat road. The scenery was fascinating, couldn’t imagine that I am riding on the altitude above 4000m. The destination is far unseen, it was like a huge land. I just need to make sure that I click my daily mileage, which is minimum 160 km per day and continue to enjoy the entire journey. Along the journey, I stop

After a 30 mins rest in the hut with some hot tea, I met a new friend, Mr Chiang. He is a rider too, came from southern China. He told me that he has taken around 10 days leave to explore north-west part of China. Actually, we both also suffer from tiredness along the way to climb up to this altitude, we really need a good place to rest. He