The whole day I have been riding on this high altitude flat road. The scenery was fascinating, couldn’t imagine that I am riding on the altitude above 4000m. The destination is far unseen, it was like a huge land. I just need to make sure that I click my daily mileage, which is minimum 160 km per day and continue to enjoy the entire journey.


Along the journey, I stop by a small hut that located on the roadside. An old couple living here and operating a simple convenience stall for the travelers. They use the solar system to generate the electricity. How nice it is…


Having some rest over here and find something to refill my stomach. Uncle made me a meal, actually I have no idea what is this. I think it was made by starch mixed with brown sugar, tea and some kind of herbs… hmmmmm


Although the potion is small, it was not easy to finish it, the taste is weird for me. It was like eating oat and soft bun.


No idea how to eat this, use hand or eat with a spoon? Mixing with chili sauce, veggie or tuna? Uncle keeps looking at me, I have to finish this fast…HAHA 🙁


Crossing a tunnel was always be my nightmare, I have to take a deep breath before crossing it. Luckily, I started to get used to it as the local vehicle will give us a “honk” when approaching us, another “honk” when next to us, another “honk” after pass by us. I think the whole progress means “ Hey there I am coming, Hi, See ya” 🙂


The view was spectacular and stunning after getting out from the 1.6km tunnel. I really could not forget that moment. The mountain look close to me but I think I could took me at least 3 to 4 hours to get to the top. Really wish that I could had this view every morning when I woke up.


Actually, I have no idea what’s is the proper address of this animal….”mountain goat perhaps?” I think it would be a beautiful scenery during spring. Maybe I could come back for next time 🙂


The view along the road was almost the same as I have traveled almost 100 km from difference point. I thought I have chosen the same photo earlier.